Singing Valentines 2017
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Plan now to make your"Valentine"
feel so very special!

We will again be delivering Singing Valentines through out the Mid-Columbia area.

Let us help you make someone's day special!

541-490-6680 or 541-490-2481

It's all about the smiles!!   

Every gift will include two love songs and a Valentine card along with your choice of:
>  Dozen Gorgeous Red Roses in a vase, ($65)
>  Single Rose in a vase, ($35)
>           or, a box of Chocolates ($35)
>  Phon-o-grams ( to anyone in the USA for $15)

We will also be posting great pictures taken during the days of the smiles again on FACEBOOK.

Send your love!      Make people jealous!  
Get even with a buddy! 

Whatever your reason, we are sure to make that person's day very special on your behalf! 


We will schedule quartets to personally deliver YOUR gift with two love songs and your personalized "message" written in a card.  

... you will become the HIT of the day! 

Valentine's Day isn't only for your sweetheart and family members  - it's a day to spoil everyone special in your life!

* Friends * * Teachers * * Neighbors *
* Co-workers *

We also offer Singing Phon-o-grams
and Val-e-grams!

541-490-6680 or 541-490-2481

Here's what happens:
1)  Call one of our hotline numbers and leave a message with your phone number and we will call you back as soon as possible to take your order(s). 

2)  Pick your perfect gift. (We can substitute chocolates.)

3)  Book your Singing Valentines - day, name(s), place, time, and give us your special "message"

4)  Arrange for payment 

5)  Then wait for the fun and excitement to happen!

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