Come check us out!!!
Tuesdays are always fun when we're singing .. come see for yourself!!

 Tuesday evenings might look like this:

¨ Greetings

¨ Having fun with vocal warmups

¨ Singing one of our favorite songs

¨ Learning new songs

¨ Performing and showing off

¨ Short business and news meeting

¨ Singing “Harmonize the World”

¨ Enjoying some of Carol's fresh baked cookies or other goodies



Singing releases Mood Enhancing chemicals in the brain!

Many studies have focused on the health benefits of singing, and the evidence is overwhelming - SINGING IS GOOD FOR YOU!  It releases endorphins into your system and makes you feel energeized and uplifted.  Vocalizing promotes well-being and helps to prolong life.  A British music educator puts it this way, "Belting a tune improves circulation, which in turn oxygenates the cells and boosts the body's immune system."

Singing connects you with new friends and helps form lasting bonds with others.

Harmony of the Gorge women's chorus is a place where you can find all of that and more!!

If you have any questions,
please call 509-493-2006.
​​REHEARSAL:   APRIL 17 and 24,  2018
​Summer Performance Rehearsals

ehearsal plan subject to change.)

​Summer Performance Songs:
Armed Forces Medley
God Bless America
God Bless the USA
Star Spangled Banner
​Roll On, Columbia
This Lance is Your Land
Rain Medley
​Jeepers Creepers
​Them There Eyes

Gospel Show - October 27, 2018
Daddy Sang Bass
​A Place in the Choir
Down to the River to Pray
​I'll Fly Away


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