Thursday, July 18th
This is My Country  (Introduced April 11th, Week 14)
   Concentrate on triplets
Jazz Came Up The River  (Review sectional work)

God Bless America    (Did you get your part fixed?)
God Bless the USA

We'll Sing All We Know
Tuxedo Junction
I Don't Know Enough about You
Sing and Celebrate
This is My Country

Kwanzaa Song -
Introduce rhythym on meanings of the 7 principals


  The following music is being changed for us:
Daddy Sang Bass:   Shortenend
I'll Fly Away:  Eliminate one key change and adjust last key change to lower the tag in pitch
 A Place in the Choir
 has been removed from our repertoire




Singing harmony is a team sport! 
We count on each other to do their part.

If you cannot come to a rehearsal (or if you'll be late), please let Judy Beckman know why you can't be there.  You can email her up until about 1:00pm on Thursdays.

After that time, please call her at 541-645-0172.   Her cell phone is on whenever she is away from home.  THANKS!


Everyone's help is needed for the clean-up at the end of the evening. 

Before you leave the rehearsal room, please take a minute at the door to stop and think: "Do I have everything with me?"
and please.....
after rehearsal!

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