Our Summer Repertoire - pitch blown
​Armed Forces Medley - Eb
God Bless America - Eb
God Bless the U.S.A. - Bb
Jeepers Creepers - Eb
O When the Saints - Bb
A Place in the Choir - F
Rain Medley - F#
Roll On, Columbia - Eb
Star Spangled Banner - C
Them There Eyes - G
This Land is Your Land  - F
The U Song - Eb

New and Review Music
Amazing Grace 
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Daddy Sang Bass
Let There Be
 Peace on Earth
Down to the River to Pray
I'll Fly Away
Turn Your Radio On
Sweet Hour of Prayer

​Regional Music
Lean on Me
We are Family - A

Please be sure to let Judy B know if you are not able to be at rehearsal as soon as you know.  Your courtesy in attending to this is so helpful in planning rehearsals.  

If you are sick, you are welcome to email our director, JudyB, until about 2 PM.  After that time, please call her at 541-645-0172.   Her cell phone is on whenever she is away from home.  THANKS!


Everyone's help is needed for the clean-up at the end of the evening. 
Please take a minute at the door to stop and think: 

"Do I have everything with me?"
and please!

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