2015 Installation
Barb Hosford officiating.
2015 Installation
Frances, Angie, Barb
2015 Installation
Barb and JudyB
2015 Installation
Donni and Nola
2015 Installation
Carol Bales
2015 Installation

Welcome Joan!
Glad to have you with us!

ready for singing.

Certified Director

Rehearsal fun

Donni and Lizz
having fun at a
lead sectional

Spring Retreat
with Kathy Scheel







Rodeo Parking
Angie and Nola

Rodeo Parking
Dotty and Rhonda

Rodeo Break-time
Dixie and Linda

Rhonda selling
Region 24 raffle tickets
to Nola and Dotty.

At the last moment, Dixie (baritone), could not join us -- so we want to show that she was with us in spirit.

Here's Frances singing during the Friday morning activities.

Our coaches
Mindi Brizendine
Lisa Myers (lead in Martini)

Carol singing
her heart out

Betty singing
her heart out

Dick and Lizz
enjoying the activities

Keynote Speaker
Marge Bailey
"take the opportunity"

Marla and Angie strutting their hats during the Thursday activities

Misty's wonderful smile

Halloween Party
Sally and Angie

Halloween Party
It looks like the goblins
got hold of our dear Dixie!

25th Anniversary
January 2009

Gail Shelton
with Mary Mauroni,
our first director

Judy Beckman,
emcee with Mary
and Matthew

Dotty Nelson
remembers early
chorus stories

Virginia Hosford,
past Region 24 Regent, RMT Member, and news editor

Dear friends gather

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