Goal:  To strengthen core muscles to aid breath management


Stand tall with hands on rib cage at sides, thumbs to the back.

Take in a deep breath and feel the rib cage expand.

Now let out all of your air WITHOUT collapsing the expanded rib cage.

Practice this over and over until you get the feel of "breathing" being independent of the expanded rib cage.

Once you get the feel of it, you will be able to keep air PRESSURE going longer.


Continue working on the Oxycise breathing.  (Smile broadly, showing teeth, inhale deeply through your nose, exhale through your nose.)   There is extra incentive to continue work on this type of breathing.  John Hopkins Cancer Research Center lists DEEP BREATHING as a major contributor to cancer prevention.


 Goal:   Forward placement of sound


Sing Veeee in three descending notes 3-2-1  (your choice, anywhere on the scale).

Sing the same three notes as "AH"   3-2-1

Please note that your mouth will not change at all as you morph from eeee to ah.  Only the tongue changes.

Repeat up a step   4-3-2.   First on Veeee, then on Ah

Repeat up another step   5-4-3-   First on Veeee, then on Ah

Finish with vee-ee, ee-ee, ee-ee, ah   5-5, 4-4, 2-2, 1

- - - - - - - - - - -

Goal:  To bring more oxygen to your system.

Oxycise Program:   Stand tall, as though your head is attached by a string to the ceiling.  Smile big with teeth showing.  Breathe in through your nostrils to the count of four.  Hold for four counts while continuing to smile, then exhale as though through a straw except that you willj not purse  your lips....Keep lips tight as though you are still smiling.  Repeat the exercise, concentrating on breathing diaphragmatically.  No shoulder movement.   Feel yourself very tall.  Tuck in your toosh.



Goal:  To bring the sound forward for ring.  
This exercise should help you get the feel of singing with the sound hitting the roof of your mouth and not even touching your tongue.

Drop your lower jaw away from your upper jaw. Then close your lips together.  Sing Mmm,  Mmmm.  Mmmm, getting the feel of the sound right at the front of your mouth.  Your lips should be buzzing.  Then sing Mmm.....Eee,  And then Mmmm...We.....

Repeat the exercise with the following vowels or vowel sounds....

Mmmm.....Ih,   Mmmmmm....Sit

Eh                 Let



This is a great tea to make when you're not feeling just up to par.  Its a soothing tea that warms the throat, cuts mucus and stimulates circulation.

1 Fresh ginger root
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/3 cup honey
juice from 1 fresh lemon
1 6-oz can of apple juice concentrate
Chop ginger root in 1/3 inch slice rounds (about 8 to 10 inches of the root).  Place in a pot and cover with water.  Bring to a boil.  Turn down the heat and simmer for 45 minutes.  Add cayenne pepper, honey, lemon juice and appla juice concentrate.

Ginger root can be stored in your freezer until the next time you need it.

Good health to you!

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